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Nutrition is never “one size fits all”. Have you ever struggled to lose weight or had unstoppable cravings that plagued you and tarnished your ability to get to your ideal weight?

With so many choices and so much information, how do you know what diet and supplements are right for you?

As medical experts who specialize in helping people lose body fat we have seen countless individuals who have struggled with "yo-yo" dieting and stress induced weight gain.

For many of us, we are able to lose weight easily when we are younger but by the time we hit 30, the extra weight becomes stubborn and resistant. This is a condition called “Weight Loss Resistance” and it has to do with chronic inflammation and impaired hormone function.

Where Did We Go Wrong?

We used to think that weight loss was as simple as Calories in vs Calories out. The less calories you take in and the more calories you burn the more weight you lose. This is now considered an archaic model of metabolism.

Now we understand that weight loss comes down to hormone function and immune system coordination. A lifestyle that restricts calories may not allow us to lose the kind of weight we want and it certainly will not necessarily make us healthier.

A lifestyle that enhances our hormone function and immune coordination will improve our overall health and help us shed the unwanted weight.

Leave it to Our Experts...

Once you become a patient, you will have open access to your Elite Physician and Patient Coordinator. Highly trained in nutritional science and weight loss medicine, they will stop at nothing to help you reach your goals as quickly and aggressively as possible!

We Deliver Nutritional Science to YOU

Utilizing cutting edge diagnostic testing, your Elite Evaluation will identify your exact body composition and reveal the metabolic blockades that impair your fat metabolism, energy production and muscle development.


Based on your health evaluation, your team of experts will design you an individualized food plan coupled with pharmacy prescribed nutritional supplements aimed at optimizing your metabolism, energy production and detoxification functions. These factors will work synergistically to keep you burning fat and feeling energized throughout the day!

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